An Interruption: Take my survey!!

Hi everyone!  I haven’t stopped reading; in fact, I’ve got a review in the queue that I’m polishing before posting, so stay tuned!

But if you happened to turn in before I got off my ass and did that, here’s the thing.  I’ve been contemplating ideas on how to … not change, or improve, or even enhance the blog, but … I dunno, maybe something to switch things up?  Don’t get me wrong, I like the way the blog is formatted and its appearance (and WordPress?  Unless that Able theme can give me three columns and different colors for free, suck it, I’m keeping my Andreas09 theme!  So maybe stop asking?), but maybe adding something new to the mix won’t be a bad thing?

To be honest, this stems from when I remembered that the past two Aprils, I kind of maybe invited Alaina’s American History Month when I read the Roosevelt biography and also Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  In an attempt to keep up the tradition I made on accident (much like watching Goldfinger on Christmas Eve for so long, or now saying “Scomps” whenever I make a toast), I went to Books-a-Million yesterday and found a bunch of actual history books so I don’t break it.

And I thought: what if I do a different theme every month?  Maybe May becomes Classic Literature month?  Not that that’s all I’m going to read in that month, but at least one book will fall under that category?

Or, what if I decide to read Game of Thrones a chapter at a time and write/Tweet about it?  (Much like Muggle Hustle – and if you haven’t read that, GO CATCH UP, THAT GUY’S THE SHIT)  Would people think it’s funny?  Would it just end up being a waste of time?  What if my friend Jen and I worked together and we turned Game of Thrones into a saucy puppet show?  WHAT ABOUT THAT?

So … I created a survey.  Yay!  Because I’m open to feedback, and this seems to be the best way to solicit it.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, the survey also covers my other blog, Movies Alaina’s Never Seen.  If you don’t frequent that site, that’s okay – but if you want to fill out the answers based on what you think it’s like, that’s not only also cool, but most likely also hilarious.)

So if you love me — and even if you only feel some fairly strong platonic feelings — hell, even if you hate me but don’t quite wish me dead, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback.  It doesn’t mean I’ll follow the advice (I’m quite like Alice in Wonderland in that regard), but it’ll make me think critically about the choices I make.

Plus, some of the answers to the questions are HILARIOUS.  You don’t want to miss out on that.

So … Please take my Feedback survey!

Thank you very much for participating.  And I promise, I’ll get back to my reviews posthaste.

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