The Collaborators! present: “Brave New World,” the pre-review

Okay, so I’m doing a very bad thing and trying to write up this pre-review at work.  No one tell my bosses – my back is big enough that unless they’re looking directly over my shoulder they won’t be able to tell.  Plus, my inbox is up on my other screen, so I should be in the clear?  Maybe.
If the theme song isn't stuck in your head, I don't know what you're even doing.
Erica (of NYC Bookworm – go check her blog out, she’s awesome!) continues to win the races (PS, she didn’t know how competitive I am when we started this – I’m always looking at her page count and getting jealous, and she always posts first, and yada yada yada, and someday I’m going to finish the book first and the celebratory dance will be EPIC) as she posted her pre-review yesterday.  I attempted to write my version of events, but guys, I’ve started a new job, and the schedule is 7-3.  That’s a.m. to p.m.  For those that know me in real life, you know what a night owl I’ve been; needless to say, this new “wake up at 5:45 and be on the road by 6:20” thing is kind of kicking my ass.  Plus my TiVo was up to 100% yesterday, and I literally had one job to do while my parents were on vacation: tape NCIS for Mom.  And because I’ve been sleeping and not watching TV, the TiVo didn’t tape NCIS because Jeremy the TiVo: Episode IV: A New Hope was completely full.  Luckily Mom won’t find out until I see her later, so everybody keep quiet and thank everyone for the magic that is OnDemand and hopefully she’ll never know (if she manages to skip this post.)  (Hi Mom!)
Erica apparently also wins at being able to stay on-track.
holy shit my copy was published in 1958 this book is almost as old as my dad
ANYWAY. (Drink!)  Erica and I had both wanted to read a Banned Book (though I use that term very loosely, and I’ll explain why in a minute – hopefully) , and again, we culled from both the list of Banned Books and the list of Books We Both Owned.  Brave New World fit both of those lists, as well as being a title neither of us had read.  We did throw out Catcher in the Rye, Catch-22, and Dracula, but a) neither of us wanted to re-read Catcher in the Rye, b) I think I admitted that I hadn’t bought Catch-22 [although I do want to read that at some point], and c) I was planning on a re-read of Dracula next, but I can be kind of a know-it-all with vampires, Dracula, and Stoker, and if you’ve seen me froth at the mouth over Hannibal, maybe Dracula isn’t the way to go with this one.
Never collaborate with Alaina on things that she loves; she’ll just take over the whole damn project and make it her own.
Going back to Brave New World, I’m not sure how I managed to escape reading it in high school; while the Academic kids read this, my AP class read 1984 and Lord of the Flies instead.  So going into reading it now, all I knew about it was that it was about a supposedly perfect world wherein all reproduction is heavily regulated.  I seem to remember a friend of mine who had read it was horrified at the treatment of the eggs; I had no idea what she was talking about at the time.  Now I do.
Like Erica, I am reserving judgment of the book until I finish it (less than one hundred pages to go!  But since I’m reading a used version that was published back in the ‘60s, the print is wicked tiny and so it’s probably equivalent to just more than one hundred pages to go, but still).  I will, however, pass judgment on the whole ‘banned book’ thing.
Erica postulates that it was placed on the banned list because readers (who never learned how to read between the lines, and that’s a different essay for a different day) believed that new readers would read the book and “get ‘the wrong idea’ about government.”  Erica, I think you’re giving the intelligence level of the banners too much credit.  The number-one reason why a book is placed on a banned list is because the parents of children – who, yes, doubt the intelligence of their children in their ability to make informed decisions and have opinions – feel the subject matter is too racy or inappropriate.  I doubt the idea of a crazy, controlling government-type institution (because I think using the word ‘government’ is giving it too nice a name, and I’m super-mad at government as a whole right now as it is) even made it to the top five reasons why it was banned.
Sorry – I’m jumping ahead.  In Brave New World, reproduction is controlled by this crazy, science-and-materialism-based institution (which adds a whole new layer to this thing) – the family unit is completely nonexistent.  Both genders are encouraged to be promiscuous; and if there’s anything in this book that would put it at the top of the charts, willy-nilly promiscuity *has* to be number one.
PS – Willy-Nilly Promiscuity is an EXCELLENT name for a rock band.
Anyway.  (DRINK)  (For those not in the know, my friend Jen created a drinking game to my blog.  Play along – it’s fun!)  I think I’ve said all I can say about the book at this point.  Any further discussion of the book will come in the post-review.
But at some point in the near future (not tonight.  Probably not tomorrow, either.  Maybe Friday?) check out the Tweetversation between Erica and myself as we delve further into this Brave New World.
(Also, at some point, I may be adapting the awesome logo Erica and her friend created and dropping raptor heads onto Pinky & the Brain, because if I tweet #TheCollaboraptors one more time, I think it’s fate.)
Erica: @NYCBookworm84
Alaina: @WillBeFunOrElse

(or if Alaina screws up the hashtag: #TheCollaboraptors)

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