Fiction: “Hawkeye: My Life As a Weapon” Vol. 1, by Matt Fraction/David Aja

hawkeye coverSo as I said the last time we were here, this was my other “impulse-borrow” from my trip to the library a couple of weeks ago.  And when I finished reading And Only to Deceive I needed something to read before I went to bed, so I read half of this late Friday night and the other half Saturday morning when I woke up with that fucking OneRepublic song acting as the soundtrack to my dream.

Look, in case you haven’t been following along, the woman who shares an office with me at my job listens to the radio for her entire shift.  Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem – I like music, I like radio, and unless she’s listening to gangsta rap (which she wouldn’t, she’s in her 50s) or country, I’m gonna be okay.

Oh, how naive I was.  Because here I was, assuming that a radio station that proclaimed itself to have “Maine’s best mix” would actually play more than thirty songs in a day.  Boy, was I wrong.  And the song that I have heard the most is that fucking “Counting Stars” song by OneRepublic.  On Friday, I heard it 5 times.  FIVE.  TIMES.  Every fucking two hours.  If I ever meet a member of OneRepublic, I will punch him right in his stupid little face.

And guys, I may not have mentioned this before, but years ago, “better man” by Pearl Jam would follow me around on multiple radio stations, and I would cringe and hate that song (because weird, odd stuff would always happen when I heard it), but seriously, I would WILLINGLY listen to that song ON REPEAT for an ENTIRE HOUR if that means I would never have to hear that fucking OneRepublic song again.  THAT IS NOT AN IDLE THREAT, MAKE IT HAPPEN VEDDER I’LL DO IT

Needless to say, when I woke up Saturday morning with that fucking song playing in my head for no other reason than my unconscious mind hates me, I needed something to put me back to sleep.  Good news for Hawkeye: I finished it instead and then had to break out my all-time favorite for inducing insomnia: Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed, which supposedly describes the Russian October Revolution in 1919.  I say “supposedly” because I can’t make it past the introduction.

I saw Hawkeye – or this edition of him, anyway – as scans passed through on my tumblr.  The author, Matt Fraction, is apparently a friend of Wil Wheaton, and so he’s got some geek cred going for him.  Previous to the comics, all I knew about Hawkeye was from Thor and The Avengers, so I didn’t really have an idea as to his backstory was: I knew that he was a member of SHIELD before the Avengers were formed, and that he’s super-awesome with a bow and arrow, and that he and Natasha Romanoff have a history.  I was hoping for some Black Widow / Hawkeye friend!adventures, clearing the red in their ledgers, but even though this book didn’t give me that, it didn’t disappoint.

What drew me to the comics was the color scheme: everything is in shades of purple and yellow, which are Hawkeye’s colors.  We meet this Hawkeye (or Clint Barton) after he’s become an Avenger, but we don’t see him being an Avenger in these issues.  We see him being a stand-up guy, going after the bullies who are going after the little guys, and we see him rescuing a stray dog that eventually becomes known as Lucky Dog.

(On his way to breaking up an underground gambling ring, he gives this stray dog a piece of his pizza.  On his way out of the underground gambling ring, being chased by a bunch of gun-toting bad guys, the same stray dog jumps in front of Hawkeye and saves him, then gets hit by a car.  The next frame is Hawkeye laying the dog down on a 24-hour vet clinic saying, “Lady.  Save. This. Dog.”  And I was hooked.)

Anyway, he rescues Lucky Dog, and we also meet his cohort Kate Bishop, who is the Hawkeye in the Young Avengers (apparently).  (Gleaned backstory: at some point Hawkeye was believed to be dead, and Captain America gave Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye’s boy and arrow and the name Hawkeye.  When Clint came back [to life? not sure], he let her keep the name but he wanted his bow back, so now they work together on occasion.)

Their relationship is an amazing platonic, bantery, brother-sister relationship.  It’s kind of adorable.

I don’t really have much to talk about plot-wise: he’s a good guy, he saves the day, he shoots arrows and drives cars (and boats – see later), he likes women but not Kate because she’s the little sister he never had, and also he has a dog.

Have some pictures that truly show Hawkeye:

hawkeye cumberbatch  hawkeye coffee pot

(He’s drinking coffee straight out of the pot.  A man after my own heart.)

And finally – I saw this on tumblr, and I didn’t think it was real until I saw it in the book:

hawkeye great at boysYes you are, Hawkeye.  Yes, you are.

Grade for Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon4 stars


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