The Game of Thrones Project

So as if we don’t have enough to do right now, my friend Jennifer Aqualaney — you remember her; the one with the novel you can buy, now conveniently available on Amazon for your Kindle device? — and I are finally banding together to read Game of Thrones.

A Game ... of Thrones.

We’d been talking about this for a while now — I mean, the two of us; it’s not like we’ve been posting to our respective blogs saying THIS IS A THING WE’RE GOING TO DO.  Well, until now.  I mean, I’m posting to my blog; I’m not sure if Jen’s going to post to her blog or not.  We actually didn’t talk about it that much.

ANYWAY.  Here’s the process we’ve got lined up:

– We’re going to read 100 pages a week.  And here’s how we came to that:

Jen: I don’t really want to be reading this for twelve years.
Me: Me neither.  How many chapters does your Kindle say the book has?  My paperback just has the characters’ names at the beginning of the chapter.
Jen: Uh … 72.
Me: So even if we do two chapters a week, that’s still …. eight months.
Jen: Fuck that!  How many actual pages are there?
Me: 800ish?
Jen: I could do 100 pages a week.  I mean, I can read on the train.
Me: Yeah, and I could bang it out on Saturday morning or even … that’s like, what — two chapters a day?  Ish?
Jen: Yeah, and we would just tweet as we go.
Me: Awesome!  So, when are you going to give me the password for our twitter?

If you’re on the Twitter, you can follow the both of us at @Patterlaney.  We’re currently called “Clever GoT Handle,” because we couldn’t think of a clever GoT handle at two in the morning.  That name is subject to change at any time.

Throughout the week, Jen and I will both tweet sporadically our thoughts, snarky comments, and suppositions about what’s going on in the first Game of Thrones book.  Then, over the weekend (when we each have slightly more time available to us), we’ll post a summary of the 100 pages we read so people who don’t have the Twitter can follow along too on our blogs.  I hope you know my blog address; here’s hers.  (And I’ll link to hers when she’s done, and vice versa.) (EDIT: Jen updated with her take on things! Check it out!)

And look, if you are obsessed with Game of Thrones, please please please have a sense of humor.  We are two noobs that are just making this up as we go.  We hope you enjoy.

Before I go (back to work, dammit), here’s a taste of the sweet, sweet Twitter gold you may find:

See?  Sweet, sweet Twitter gold.  (with the occasional assist from our Friend Sarah, who might also come to be known as our Resident Game of Thrones expert.)


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