About Alaina

Alaina is a woman in her … oh god – early-thirties, and has never categorized herself as such before now.  Excuse her while she pours herself a strong one to mask the pain of growing old.

She has been reading since her third year, and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon.  She enjoys most genres; literature (both classic and modern) and mysteries are her favorites, and any book that can make her fall off the couch in laughter moves up the list quickly.  She reads romance novels when she needs to give her brain a break, and favors those of the historical persuasion.  She also enjoys pulp fiction, non-fiction, and essay collections.  You won’t find reviews of sci-fi or Westerns on this site, but that’s only because Alaina really needs to read what she owns first before she goes out and buys any more books.

As you have probably guessed, Alaina is also rather fond of speaking of herself in the third person.

By day, she is no longer in retail, and is now a grunt for the government.  It is exactly as boring as it sounds (which is why she’s updating this bio at work).  By night, she fights crime and whips up pastries that put Betty Crocker to shame.  Also, she writes a lot, though she never seems able to complete any of her many works in progress. (She can also happily add “freelance editor” to her list of accomplishments.)

As for why this weblog is titled “That’s What She Read”?  Her favorite joke is ‘that’s what she said’ (because for all her blathering about getting old, at heart, Alaina is a twelve-year-old boy), and ‘read’ rhymes with ‘said.’  Ta-da.

If you like Alaina’s reviews of her books, you’ll most likely love (and also be horrified by) the fact that there are tons of movies she’s never seen.  Follow her theories and introduction to the Movies Alaina’s Never Seen, over on Movies Alaina’s Never Seen.

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