Fiction: “I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason” by Susan Kandel

perry masonI didn’t actually finish reading I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason. The narrator, Cece Caruso (yes, the second ‘Ce’ is not capitalized) is a very bland narrator – she’s a biographer of the creator of the Perry Mason mysteries, and she’s somewhat trying to investigate a crime that Earle Stanley Gardner (the creator) didn’t solve and left behind in his files, but she doesn’t really investigate it with any intense need. It’s more like, “Well, while I’m doing research for my book, I guess I’ll investigate this. But oh, wait, my daughter needs marital advice, though she shouldn’t get it from me, for my relationships all suck.”

It’s very bland, and boring – above all, mysteries should not be boring.

This book gets the Chuck Bass Stamp of Disapproval.


Look at him (and pretend that Blair Waldorf is this book) – all disapproving, as if the book were mixing patterns in a less artful manner as Le Bass and wearing off-season footwear. Shame on you, book.